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QuickSet Oscillating Form Roller Kits

"Greatly reduces ink starvation/ghosting"

Note the difference in the “Ghost” that just one oscillating form roller in the Cyan unit makes. A recent newsletter from the National Newspaper Association discussed the importance of oscillating form rollers. From the article: “In general, there should be minimal smoothing oscillation before the ink reaches the form rollers and a lot of oscillation on the form rollers after the fresh ink has been put on them.” Most newspaper presses do not have oscillating form rollers. Instead of spending $2500.00 per roller on a retrofit that only works well for a few months (assuming you can even find one), obtain a QuickSet Oscillating Form Roller Kit for only $396.00. All that is required is to replace your form roller bearings with specialty bearings that come with the kit. Halftones and solids look sharper. Ghosting is greatly reduced. Look forward to additional business and less job rejections. The QuickSet Oscillating Form Roller Kit will work with most Goss Community and similar presses. For certain form rollers, such as those on Harris v-series presses, etc., adapted sizes are available at a small additional charge.