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GOSS Urbanite Press Users:

Lawrence Journal-World (USA Today print site), Kansas
(The Lawrence Journal-World runs 30 units of Goss Urbanite press using Goss levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“I was pleasantly surprised we realized our Return-On-Investment in a shorter time-frame than expected. The system performed as advertised, allowing us to reduce startup waste by more than a third. What I like is that the first copy coming off is consistent. The reliability is another benefit. QuickSet gives you a consistent operating environment, so if we need to test consumables, we have a good place to start (as far as having accurate performance data).” – Ed Ciambrone, Production Director

Notes from QuickSet: 1) When we did the first press-run (for fine-tuning of the system) at Lawrence after initial calibration, we used color bars to check density, and every single ink-key position on the whole press was within the density standard on that first run. 2) After the first live job on the Journal-World daily paper, someone from management (who did not know the system was installed yet) came running downstairs and said excitedly “Now THIS is what the paper is supposed to look like! Look at the vibrant colors!” We were happy to inform him that the color came from the QuickSet ink pre-sets without any further adjustments.
Yuma Daily Sun, Arizona
(The Yuma Daily Sun runs 11 units of Urbanite press using QuickSet levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“This was the smartest purchase we ever made.” – Alberto Cabrera, Press Operator

“The system paid for itself within six to nine months. The beauty of the system is that it gets you to 95 percent of the color ink laydown you need to be, and if you're already at 95 percent, all you have to do is worry about registration.” – David Fornof, Production Director

Notes from QuickSet: When calibrating the system, we had them take out their “hot” red and put in process Magenta. The Yuma Daily Sun had been using the hot red to get their red ads consistently bright and in the proper hues. After we ran the first run after calibrating, the Production Director ran out into the pressroom and asked “Was this printed with the four-color process inks!?” We said “Yes.” His response: “Thank god. I don’t have to buy that expensive hot red anymore! I thought we could not get this hue of red with the process inks. This red looks exactly like it is supposed to.”

Harris Press Users:

Elizabethton Star, Tennessee
(The Elizabethton Star runs 8 units of Harris V15 press using QuickSet levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“The QuickSet system practically saved our business. When we first put the system in, we ran one shift, and very little commercial work. With the consistent quality and low waste we achieved with QuickSet, we were able to grow our commercial business significantly. We now run three shifts, seven days a week, and print many profitable commercial jobs. Our make-ready waste use QuickSet is typically around only 300 copies.” – Delaney Scalf, Pressroom Foreman
Krier Publications Inc., Kansas
(Krier Publications runs 8 units of Harris V15 press using QuickSet levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“We are still amazed that we can take keepers within 200 to 300 copies, and so is anyone who sees it! This is particularly important to a short-run color printer like us. We consistently get accurate color and our lead pressman is colorblind! We have run over 45,000 printing plates through the system so far, and we have realized that the system has cost us less than a penny per plate since we started using it.” – James Krier, Owner
Kopco Inc., Kansas
(Kopco runs 4 units of Harris V25 using QuickSet levers, 8 units of Harris NCH 400 using QuickSet levers, and 4 units of Harris NCH 400 using Paretta remote inking with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)
Paul Wunder, Pressroom Foreman
“We save $1000 per shift, and at three shifts per day, that is $3000 per day – and that is just on one pressline! It takes the Closed-Loop system using a CIP3 ink pre-set 3000 copies to get to the color accuracy that QuickSet typically provides in about 300 copies.”
Kenny George, Jr. – Owner and General Manager
“We need to get to True Color in all our work, and the QuickSet system allows us to do that almost immediately on every job. Once we felt comfortable the waste savings were consistent, we were able to re-price our products, become more competitive, and pass the savings onto our customers.”
Nowata Printing Company
(Nowata runs 16 units Harris V15 (using QuickSet levers), half heat-set, the other half cold-set, with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

"We heard good things about it, so we made a few visits, installed it and it paid for itself in about four months. We run lots of grocery accounts and we have a lot of plate changes and startups. Our waste was about 18 percent before putting the system in; we're at about 9 percent now, so that's a significant reduction. Once you get the calibration done, you get repeatable results. It seems simple, and it is, but the bottom line is that it works. We saved over $300,000 the very first year using the QuickSet system.” – Gary Hensley, General Manager

GOSS Community/Dauphen 430/Tensor Press Users:

Daily Record, North Carolina
(The Daily Record runs 7 units Goss Community using Goss levers and a Quad-Stack using QuickSet levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“We are really seeing the waste come down. We really appreciate QuickSet’s ongoing support.” – Bart Adams, Publisher
RFM Printing, New Jersey
(RFM printing runs 8 units Tensor using Tensor levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“We did not realize our Tensor units had so much variability between units – and even variability from one side of a unit to the other. Our pressmen were having problems setting ink, and now I know why. QuickSet was able to measure the differences, and now that we are using the QuickSet system, our color is correct in very few copies.” – Jim Saterlee, General Manager
The Chronicle, Washington
(The Chronical runs 12 units Dauphen 430 using Dauphen levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“The QuickSet system has saved us significant waste.” – Tom Thunell, Pressroom Foreman

“I run the weekend editions on both four-highs and both two-highs with just me and jogger!” – Press Operator
Prolific Graphics, Manitoba, Canada
(Prolific Graphics runs 24 units Tensor using Tensor levers for both heatset and coldest printing with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“We did not know that our levers were not linear, but QuickSet was able to model the non-linearity of the levers and take that into account for our ink pre-sets. The QuickSet system has really saved us a lot of money in paper waste for our primarily in-house printing. It really helps for consistency between crews.” – Art Wilks, Production Director
Sound Publishing, Washington
(Sound Publishing runs a Dauphen 4-high using Dauphen levers and three Quadracolor units using QuickSet levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“The QuickSet system paid for itself very quickly. When we moved shops, we adapted the system to different press units.” – Larry Babcock, General Manager

QuadStack/Quadracolor Press Users:

La Republica, Costa Rica
(La Republica runs two QuadStacks using QuickSet levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“We are still getting between 150 t0 300 copies make-ready waste using the QuickSet system. The QuickSet system has saved La Republica a significant amount of money – and it has allowed us to achieve consistent quality, too. Before we put the QuickSet system in, our waste was closer to 1750 copies per job.” – Marco Alvarado, Chief Operating Officer
Snohomish Publishing Company, Washington
(Snohomish Publishing Company runs a Quad-Stack using QuickSet levers, and an Eclipse – the prototype for the QuadStack – using QuickSet levers, and four Harris V15 units using QuickSet levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“The QuickSet system saved us over $100,000 per year. Our aggressive pricing strategy and margins that have sustained us for many years were made possible by the QuickSet system. We even had one of QuickSet’s older models 10 years ago that used a plate scanner - before images could be obtained from a RIP.” – Dana Best, Publisher
Owyhee Publishing Company, Idaho
(Owyhee Publishing Company runs two QuadStacks using QuickSet levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“We are very fond of our QuickSet system. It enables us to run our units using just a skeleton crew and keep the waste very low. We lost our QuickSet Console computer due to a lightning strike, and QuickSet replaced the console computer and shipped it overnight to us free of charge. Since QuickSet had our calibration numbers still in their master database, we were back using the system the very next day.” – Mark Aman, Owner
Carribean Herald, St. Maarten
(The Carribean Herald runs two Quadracolor units using QuickSet levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“We are the most competitive printer for our kind of work in the Caribbean precisely because of the QuickSet system.” – Steve DeWindt, Publisher
Transcript Bulletin, Utah
(The Transcript Bulletin runs three Quad-Stacks using QuickSet levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“We initially were not getting the results we were expecting from our Quad-Stacks, but after the QuickSet system was installed, our waste dropped dramatically to levels we had hoped for. QuickSet was the key to taking low waste with our new presses.” – Scott Dunn, Pressroom Foreman
Highland Publishing, Texas
(Highland Publishing runs two Quad-Stacks using QuickSet levers with QuickSet ink pre-sets.)

“Once we started using QuickSet, the waste dropped through the basement! This allowed us to be very competitive, and is one of the reasons we survived while many of our competitors have been going out of business. We are now capturing all that extra business, and are busier than ever. The QuickSet system has also allowed us to do more with less personnel, a requirement for printers these days if you want to make money.” – Jeff Nissen, General Manager